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  1. Dromquinna Manor wedding Blue Lily Magnolia

    Jo and Gar met in Galway in Ireland in 2006 and went on to live in 3 other countries - separately and together - before finally coming back to Ireland in 2014 and getting engaged in 2016. They married in 2017 in Dromquinna Manor, Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Here's their beautiful story, as told by Jo:

    "We met in the summer of 2006, and within a few weeks together Gar told me he was moving to America, at first I wasn't too bothered, after all it had only been a few weeks, but pretty soon I started to realise I was! The nicest guy I'd ever met was moving away. I was heartbroken when he left in November and went on my first visit to Boston for two weeks in December. I went for another two weeks in the spring and moved there for the summer 2007. Every cent that year went to funding these trips and in between we lived on Skype. In October I moved to Montreal to be near to him (just a six hour drive...nothing compared to a six hour flight!) and the following spring he moved up to Montreal to me. In 2009 we moved to Edinburgh and in 2014 we moved home to Ireland. In 2015 we bought a house and found our dog Domino, so it looks as though we're staying put for now."

    The proposal was a big surprise for Jo: "It was an unusual day in that for some reason I happened to be up early on a Saturday (I usually don't stir till 11 or so). On this particular day by 9.30am Gar had somehow got me up and out for a walk on a local beach, Whitegate, one of our favourite spots and a hidden gem in Ireland. It was a lovely sunny morning and out of the blue he got down on one knee. I was totally taken by surprise! For some reason I always thought I'd have an inkling it was coming...I didn't!" 

    The couple was engaged for 16 months. "This felt like the perfect length engagement for us. It gave us enough time to plan everything at a nice pace and enjoy the process, but at the same time, by the time the big day rolled around we were ready for it. I wouldn't have liked if it had been too much longer. Wedding talk could get tiresome if it goes on too long and I think we were both happy enough to get back to other things." 

    Amongst other things, the venue of course is a big decision. "We saw a few venues prior to Dromquinna Manor, but upon pulling up in the drive there I think we knew this was the right place for us. We wanted a private venue, a fab ceremony location, amazing scenery, in a nice Irish town. Dromquinna ticked all the boxes. We picked a few key words to try to keep us on track with the wedding planning - I think our words were fun, relaxed, classic, romantic and personal. These words summed up the kind of wedding we had in mind and I think in retrospect we succeeded with all of them."

    Dromquinna Manor wedding bridal party, bridesmaid, grooms people The colour scheme for the wedding was muted and soft. Jo's dress was ivory with hand-painted blush silk flowers and a champagne coloured sash. The rest of the bridal party fitted in with this - blush pink and dusty blue bridesmaid dresses and grey suits. "I was delighted to find my lovely gold and pearl headpiece on Blue Lily Magnolia which went perfectly. Gar's sister was a grooms person so she had a grey dress to fit in with his side but in the same style as the bridesmaids - beaded Adrianna Papell gowns which I searched high and low for to get in the right sizes on sale!"

    Jo's advice to couples looking for suppliers for their wedding is to "Know what's important to you". "Good food and venue was very important to us and so once we had Dromquinna picked that all was sorted. Music was next - we ended up with two brilliant bands on the day; Souldriven and The Clandestinos - they really got the party started. We watched a lot of YouTube videos of bands. I think it's important to figure out what you want in advance and keep it firmly in mind till you find it...otherwise it can be overwhelming and confusing. There's a lot of options out there for everything wedding related and it takes a bit of research work so stick with it and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for."

    Not everything needs to be bought in, of course. "Myself and my mom did the flowers which turned out great and this was fun to do. We just watched a few YouTube tutorials and just went for it. Keep in mind though that they need to be done in the days right before the big day so finding the time needs to be planned."

    The big day itself was amazing. "I had been worried about the weather in the days leading up to it. On the day it was pretty miserable for the entire morning - it rained and drizzled until 3pm but when it came to it I just didn't care. I honestly couldn't have been happier so the weather didn't matter. Luckily however it did clear up during the ceremony and by the time the drinks reception started it had turned into a pretty decent day. I knew I didn't want to be a stressed out bride and my cheesy motto for the day was taken directly from Frozen ..."Let it go"! I actually surprised myself with how much I was able to do this. I didn't mind about the weather, I didn't mind that the wind and rain messed my hair or that my husband stood on my dress with a muddy shoe! It was all perfect regardless. My number one tip is let it go...and just go with it." 
    Dromquinna Manor bride Jo and Gar wedding, Dromquinna Manor, Co. Kerry
    "One of the best bits of the wedding was the honeymoon travelling around Mexico and Belize. We haven't had the opportunity to go away for that length of time (18 days) ever so that was really special." But thinking about the wedding day itself, "My most precious moments on the day were definitely the unplanned ones - chilling out by the waterfront at sunset, sitting around the bonfire and our last dance surrounded by family and friends. There's no point in over-planning and trying to map out every second...the best bits will just happen naturally."  
    Jo Dromquinna Manor wedding
    A big thank you to Jo and Gar for sharing their story and photos, and congratulations to them both on their wedding!
    Photos supplied courtesy of Jo (and cropped and slightly blurred by me).
    Main photo by Marc Coombes. 
    Jo's wedding dress is by Alan Hannah.
    On her hair, Jo wore a Blue Lily Magnolia one-of-a-kind headpiece of golden wire, ivory beads and vintage lace flowers, part of the Bohemian Dreams collection.
  2. Gold and grey birdcage, races headpiece, alternative wedding Gold and grey circlet, bridal halo and crown for alternative bride

    Gold crown headband, fairy headband, fairy tale wedding  Gold crown, small coronet, princess wedding, fairy tale wedding, fairytale

    Introducing a new collection of hair accessories for the alternative bride - Fairy Dreams. A small ecclectic mix of headbands and crowns in golds and greys, for those venturing a little bit away from the traditional route for their wedding.

    Inspired by an autumn woodland wedding, with a little bit of fairy tale added to the mix, and a slight touch of princess too, this small collection is definitely not for those who are having a traditional wedding. The range is based on golden wire shaped into irregular leafy forms and embellished with gold and grey rhinestones, crystals, beads and seed beads. For some of the items, I have added some golden sheer organza leaves, and for the birdcage, a rich golden Russian veil was just the thing required!

    Each item has a little bit of its own quirk:

    - The birdcage would make a fantastic addition to a vintage theme wedding, and would suit a lady who loves her glam! The golden diamond netting is diagonally placed across the face, and the decorative feature sits off-centre on the top of the headband. Wear this with a bright red lipstick to stand out!!

    - The simple circlet or halo is delicate and beautiful, definitely a woodland fairy type of accessory, which works great for a bride with or without a veil, but would equally be great for bridesmaids.

    - The headband with its sparkly tiara-like feature is small enough not to detract from the rest of the outfit, but different enough to feel special. Again, this can be work with or without a veil (a golden one would look amazing!), but I also think that it would work well as a prom hair accessories, or for any other special occasion where you want a little bit of shine in your hair.

    - Finally, the small crown is a real princessy show stopper! Small enough to fit into one hand, this coronet is delicate but impactful. This is definitely for a princess, fairy tale wedding!

    With the exception of the circlet, all the items in this collection are one-of-a-kinds, and therefore totally unique. As much as I loved working on them, I love to know that there are some pieces that are totally your own, and will not be seen worn by someone else! All the pieces are currently available ready-to-go from my Etsy shop.

  3. Wedding dress alteration, bridal alterations, dress alterationsMost clothes that we buy nowadays can be worn with a little bit of freedom and don't need to be perfectly fitted. In fact, that's probably a good thing as we all know that we don't all have the exact same shape and size, and certainly, very few of us have the exact shape of the dummies and perfect models used for the design and making of ready-made clothes.

    Every so often however, we get in a situation where something is not quite right. Whether it is simply the length of the skirt or sleeves, or whether it's about the fit on the chest, waistline or hips, sometimes we just know a little alteration is just what's needed to make your outfit perfect. When you've found the perfect dress - whether it is a wedding dress, a bridesmaids dress, a cocktail dress, a prom dress, one for a special celebratory event, or even if it's something for everyday wear, work or casual wear, it is hard to walk away because of a tiny little modification that's required. That's when you need to bite the bullet, buy the item and send it off for some alterations.

    I have been making clothes and altering clothes for over 25 years, and although this is not my main line of business, I still love to make clothes fit. So if you live in the Nantwich area and need any form of alteration, give me a call for a quick chat, and if I can help with your dress alterations, I will be more than happy to!

    Mobile: 07766766573

    Photo Credit: @CreativeCommonStockPhotos