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  1. Wedding dress alterations in Nantwich and surrounding areas

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    Wedding dress alteration, bridal alterations, dress alterationsMost clothes that we buy nowadays can be worn with a little bit of freedom and don't need to be perfectly fitted. In fact, that's probably a good thing as we all know that we don't all have the exact same shape and size, and certainly, very few of us have the exact shape of the dummies and perfect models used for the design and making of ready-made clothes.

    Every so often however, we get in a situation where something is not quite right. Whether it is simply the length of the skirt or sleeves, or whether it's about the fit on the chest, waistline or hips, sometimes we just know a little alteration is just what's needed to make your outfit perfect. When you've found the perfect dress - whether it is a wedding dress, a bridesmaids dress, a cocktail dress, a prom dress, one for a special celebratory event, or even if it's something for everyday wear, work or casual wear, it is hard to walk away because of a tiny little modification that's required. That's when you need to bite the bullet, buy the item and send it off for some alterations.

    I have been making clothes and altering clothes for over 25 years, and although this is not my main line of business, I still love to make clothes fit. So if you live in the Nantwich area and need any form of alteration, give me a call for a quick chat, and if I can help with your dress alterations, I will be more than happy to!

    Mobile: 07766766573

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  2. New Blog Category Soon! Real Bride Stories!!

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    It is always a pleasure to make things for brides and bridesmaids, whether they have already been pre-designed, partially custom-made, or totally bespoke. This summer, Blue Lily Magnolia is starting a new blog category, to share some real bride stories with you. If you have purchased something from Blue Lily Magnolia and would like to be featured, please get in touch!! 

  3. Finally Blue Lily Magnolia has a Website!

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    portrait sharon gilding designerFinally, it's live! The Blue Lily Magnolia website and blog. 

    Although not quite updated with all the pictures, this is a start for me, and in the next few weeks all the pictures should be online. I have decided to focus only on Bridal for this site. If you want to see the non-bridal items, then Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will still be showing them. On this site instead, I will show all bridal items, and provide a gateway to place bespoke orders. And hopefully, this blog will be about Bridal item news... 

    Hopefully see you again soon! 

    Vanessa S.