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  1. The Feathers Collection: Work in Progress Update!

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    Work in progress, bridal headband with feathersThe collection is coming along nicely and I am loving experimenting with feathers and looking at gorgeous 1920's hair dos for inspiration. This time I am making the main flower a kind of camelia or rose in a very pure ivory colour, with a few pears and crystals at the centre. I am also using a bit of gold in the form of a transparent organza, and some vintage lace found in an old antique shop - to add a bit of that vintage effect. 

    But... as it is now coming up to Christmas, I am taking a little pause to spend some quality time with the family, so no more progress on bridal accessories until early in the next year. In the meanwhile, have a very good Christmas an New Year! 

  2. In the Studio in the Next Few Weeks... Feathers!

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    Feather drawing from Stanford.Edu

    The theme for my next mini-collection is going to be feathers! Very excited to work with them as this will be my very first time. As usual, the collection will be small because I love to make them available quickly. And again, this season, it will consist primarily of hair accessories - but I might throw a sash, corsage or boutonniere in this time. 

    My inspiration is again a bit of vintage: 1920's and Art Nouveau. I'm still loving the old styles headbands worn across the forehead, with a feature either at the front or on the side. And the colours will be a little bit vintage looking too - bit of old gold, blush, cream, and of course with ivory as a base. 

    Watch this space!! 

  3. Autumn Leaves - New Hair Accessories Collection

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    Autumn Leaves Tulle Headband and HairpinsAutumn Leaves Headband and Birdcage

    Launching here first: the Autumn Leaves Bridal Hair Accessories Mini-Collection

    Inspired by the falling leaves and in anticipation of snow and the cold weather, this small collection of bridal hair accessories brings together ivory fabric roses, sheer chiffon leaves, lace and beads and freshwater pearls into a handmade visual feast. 

    The flowers and leaves, delicately assembled, can be worn as a hand-tied soft tulle headband - for a relaxed boho style, great with long flowy hair. They can also be worn as a birdcage with a skinny headband for a vintage effect, perfect with a short dress or short hair. Or simply as a standard skinny headband, versatile for different hairstyles and a range of dress types. Each item is totally unique, although matching in style and theme.

    The headbands are supplemented by simply beautiful hairpins of roses and leaves - perfect for scattering a few flowers in an updo. Custom designs in this style can also be made, and attached onto various other hair accessories, such as combs or clips. 

    "For this collection, I wanted to create size without heaviness, and the sheer chiffon leaves provide just the type of lightness I was after while the roses provide the stability of the hair piece. As with all previous collections, this one will also be limited edition or one-of-a-kind." 

    The collection will be made available on Etsy in the next few days, but if you would like to make an enquiry before they are listed, please contact me.