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Lillie Pragnell NutritionistToday, as part of my series of short chats to professionals on the topic of 'Getting Ready for your Wedding', I talk to the lovely Lillie Pragnell, a nutritionist, personal trainer and author of 50 Days to Restart Your Life, who is based in North Cheshire. Lillie and I met through the Cheshire Bizmums group a few years ago, when she volunteered to model our wedding dresses. In this quick 5 mins read, Lillie gives us some of her own personal tips on feeling good about yourself (whether you are getting ready for a wedding or not!).

Lillie, tell us a bit more about you and what you do

I am a nutritionist and a personal trainer and I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis to help them change habits and bad lifestyle choices in a simple, easy way. I find out about their everyday routines and choices and what influences them. This then helps me work closely with them to advise on tweaks they can make.

How can making little tweaks to your food habits make a difference to your life?

Massively! It seems so simple and so easy - but it actually is. What I advise has never been rocket science, it is common sense. But sometimes this gets overlooked and we forget how to look after ourselves properly.

In the context of getting ready for a wedding, what can brides (and grooms)-to-be do with their diet to help them prior to the big day?

Keep a diet diary is probably the first thing I would suggest, this helps people see where they are making poor choices or what foods might be causing them upset. Look at portion size is another big issue. Over the years, naturally, our portion sizes have become larger, what I would recommend is eating more frequently but eating less at main meals and having healthy snacks throughout the day to stabilise your blood sugars, preventing the energy slump. 

What are your top tips for:
Glowing skin - definitely water! We all know this, but we should be drinking 2-3litres a day. Not only does it give you gorgeous skin it helps with cellulite and fat loss too. 
No bloating - keep a diet diary to help you identify what causes you bloating and discomfort. I would advise you steered clear of carbonated drinks (including prosecco ????)
Feeling energised & positive - avoid alcohol and reduce your caffeine to ensure good deep sleep on the lead up to the big day. Opt for a nice chamomile tea before bed to help you feel sleepy this will mean you wake up feeling full of energy and no under eye bags to be seen.
Any final dietary tips for our brides and grooms for the big day itself?

Confidence and a smaile is always the most beautiful look for any bride or groom. Just remember to be happy with who you are.

Lillie is also a co-organiser, with Jo Howarth, of the Family Tree Wellbeing Festival, Saturday 3rd August 2019, for wellbeing ideas for all the family. This amazing event will be at Success Factory in Cheshire, with speakers and workshops on all aspects of wellbeing aimed at everyone from children to grandparents.There is an early bird ticket price for the first 100 tickets. The price is just £10 per adult and £5 per child with under 3s coming free. You can find the full programme and book your tickets here:
And to contact Lillie directly for any queries on her services, you can email her directly at  [email protected] or follow her Instagram feed @restartcheshire, which has tons of healthy ideas for meals, snacks and treats.
This blog is compiled by Blue Lily Magnolia, provider of bespoke and alteration services for wedding and bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Photography has been supplied by Lillie with permission to share. 

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