Little Cuties - A collection of pretty baby and toddler headbands for special occasions

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Here's my Little Cuties collection. It's all in pretty pastels, mostly pinks and ivory, and it's not for any bride, or even bridesmaids - it's been specially made for 4yrs and under.

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This range is unusual for me because I tend to focus mostly on adults. However, I did decide to participate in a recent Baby and Toddler Fair, to support the students at Reaseheath College through the Etsy South Cheshire team, and this was the fun outcome.

The headbands are all made with a soft elastic base, and all embellished with a fabric flower or two, embellished with lace, beads or just completely with fabrics. The hair clips are all fabric flowers set onto a white hair clip. The colours are all pastels, all from a rainbow pastel range of fabrics that I had in stock - lemon yellow, salmon pink, baby pink, berry pink, the soft blue that I have been using for most of my 'Something Blue' items, a tiny bit of sage green, and of course, ivory.

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The headbands are £5 per headband for those with a single fabric flower, and £8 for those with 2 flowers (plus P&P or free collection), and the hair clips from £4. They can be purchased from my ETSY shop, or simply by getting in touch directly.


As with any item for babies and very little ones, please be cautious with headbands and clips, and never allow your child to play with the accessories without your supervision. The flowers may have small parts such as beads and while care has been taken to attach all embellishments very securely, these are not toys to be played with. Headbands and hairclips should also never be worn without constant adult supervision - and should be removed when a child falls asleep.

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