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This month, I have been experimenting with making small flowers from shirting and tie fabrics for men's lapel pins. And I must say that I am loving the look. Far from being too much for everyday wear, I think that a small simple flower on a pin or even a small brooch, really lifts up a jacket or suit. To me, it says, "Spring is here, and I am loving it", "I love a little flash of colour", "A gentleman does appreciate flowers, you know" and "I want to make you smile". And many other things too. 
With a bit of trial and error and of course some mistakes along the way, this photo sums up what I think works best as far as boutonnieres, lapel pins or men's brooches are concerned. So, whether you are considering to have lapel flowers on your wedding day, or simply everyday, to bring a little bit of colour and texture in your outfit, don't hesitate! 
lapel pins for grooms and groomsmen

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