Winter Weddings: The Benefits!

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Spring and summer are definitely the biggest wedding seasons, and we can all understand why - warm weather, beautiful flowers and scenery, long days, everyone is already in a good mood. But they are also the busy seasons, the ones demanding the most advanced planning, and sadly, the most expensive ones too. 

Not many couples seriously consider a winter wedding despite the appeal of easier availability of suppliers and venues and potentially lower cost. We love the romance associated with nature in bloom, brightness and colour, and winter is still associated with grey, cold and wet. It need not be. Winter can have its beautiful romance too: 

Magical lights 

Dark afternoons means that you can have wonderful magical light effects for your wedding decorations. Whether it is a clever use of candles and tea lights, Chinese lanterns, fairy lights, use the darkness to your benefit to create your own picture perfection. 

Log fires and soft rugs 

It may be quite 80's, but still very romantic. Not necessarily you and your 200 guests. But, after the party, is there a more romantic way of spending your wedding night than a crackling fire, plenty of soft rugs and blankets, and a good bottle of bubbly or wine (or hot chocolate)? 

The romance of winter dresses

Yes, you can have dress impact too even in winter! Some gorgeous materials can't possibly be used in warm weather - fur or faux fur, silk velvets for example. And there are so many types of clothing or accessories that can really make your outfit unique - silk-lined capes, capelets, hoods, stoles, muffs. 

Sunset and evening photos 

Sunset comes early, and make the most of it with stunning wedding photos, and likewise, there is so much potential for amazing night time photos - this is especially great if you have limited photographer time. 

Keep beautifully cool

Unfortunately with the heat of the summer or even spring, a lot of things are melting or sweating away including your make up. A washed out or shiny face at the end of the day or in photos isn't the sexiest, and neither is a groom in full gear soaking with sweat. Keep looking great for longer with cooler weathers. 

So, it may not be beautiful bright blooms and long warm days, but don't rule winter out completely, it could surprise you with even more romantic moments. And if you've had a winter wedding and it was great (or even not), tell us about it! 

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