5 Tips on Choosing Your Weddding Accessories

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Planning a wedding is a giant task! There is so much to think of and it can get quite daunting, but should also be very fun. Above all, other than making sure your guests will have food, entertainment, sit in pretty surroundings, have enough drinks, you need to think about yourself and how amazing you will look. There's a lot to think there too - hair, make-up, dress, shoes, underwear, and other accessories. So, here are my five top tips on choosing your wedding accessories: 
1. Make sure you have your dress first, and your shoes too
In the majority of cases, your dress defines the whole look, so if you haven't got one yet, it's probably too early to pick your hair accessories or other accessories - however, it's never too early or too late to browse! 
2. Be clear on your style 
Whether it is boho, vintage, modern, classic - if you know the style you are looking to achieve, it is easier to find a supplier that makes accessories in your chosen theme. And if your dress fits the style, don't stray - nothing is worst than bad mixing of different styles! 
3. Pinterest is your friend
And Google of course. For inspiration, keep a scrapbook of accessories that you like - or if you are an online person - pin the ideas you like on a board to come back to. 
4. Unusual items are mostly online
Most standard wedding stores have lovely bridal accessories, but they tend to be very similar from shop to shop. If you want something unusual - steampunk, gothic, themed, handmade or anything that you fancy that is not standard, your best bet are online, including selling platforms such as Etsy, Folksy, Not on the High Street
5. Don't be scared to ask for bespoke
It is your day, and may be the only time you ever get married, so having something designed and made for you is totally justifiable! Don't be scared of starting the conversation with a designer - it costs nothing and could lead to your ideal piece. 
Hope these tips can help! 

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