Personalised Sewing Classes

Have you got a sewing machine that is gathering dust, or that you feel you are not using to full capacity? Or do you want to learn a new skill this year, something creative, satisfying, and that's going to help you create your own personalised clothes or other items? Well, let's do something about this now and start by sending me a message or giving me a call or text to see what we can do about it!

Personalised sewing classes in Nantwich and Cheshire

Whether you are an absolute beginner and want to discover what you can do with a machine, or you are a fairly competent user, but want to hone your skills, I am sure to be able to help you learn something new. From basic furnishing such as cushion covers to complex clothing techniques such as corsetry, your classes are completely personalised to your needs. The classes will guide you to make your own projects, using (if you wish) materials of  your own choice, and in your own time. Based on what you would like to learn how to make, the lessons will be structured to demonstrate the sewing techniques that you need for completing the projects - which you can then complete in your own time. Lessons last 1-2 hours each and can be shared with a maximum of 2 people as long as both people want to learn the same techniques at the same time and are doing a similar project. An example of a project could be the making of a dress or outfit from a shop-bought pattern, or making a skirt from scratch, without a pattern, or making some personalised cushion covers to match your room decor. Based on the project, and taking into consideration your confidence levels, we will agree on the techniques that the lessons will cover, and the number of lessons required. For some projects, you may need only one lesson. For others, it may have to be a few. After each lesson, I am of course also available for informal chats to answer your technical queries while you are doing your projects.

dressmaking classes cheshire nantwich

If you are simply interested to learn generally about sewing and dressmaking, without having any particular project in mind, then we can also discuss and create a personalised plan for you, based on your experience, likes and preferences. The plan can involve a project which will include several techniques to practise. Alternatively, it can be technique-based, e.g. hems, zips, pockets, sleeves, collars, waistbands, etc.

Lessons can be done from the comfort of your own home (depending on your location a small travel fee may be applicable) but for group bookings of 6 or more, I am happy to source and quote for a suitable venue. My hourly rate for the lessons, irrespective of techniques or skill levels being taught is £30 per hour.