Terms and Conditions for Alterations

  1. Alterations will only be done on clean garments. If yours is preloved, please ensure that it has been washed or drycleaned prior to bringing them over.
  2. All alterations would normally need a minimum of 2 fittings, with one prior to collection to check the final fit. Many brides may require more than 2 fittings. The garment will be fitted to the best of what I can judge from the outside, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the fit and to let me know of anything that does not sit right. No responsibility will be taken for the fit of altered garments that have not had a face-to-face fitting, or where no concerns have been voiced during fittings. 
  3. The cost of alterations will be given at the first fitting. Any additional work that is agreed upon after this first fitting will incur additional costs.
  4. In the event that there is noticeable weight loss or gain between the first and subsequent fittings, there may be additional charges if extra work is required to re-do work that has already been done.
  5. In the event of noticeable weight loss or gain after the final fitting and between the event date, any work that has to be conducted will be deemed additional alterations and charged accordingly.
  6. Full payment is required upon collection. Payment can be done by cash, card, Paypal invoicing or bank transfer.
  7. The work done on your garment will be conducted to the best of my ability, with industry best practice and using commercially purchased material. No responsibility will be taken for malfunction of any of the garment features (zip, hooks, loops, etc.) on the event day.
  8. Garments will only be kept at the studio while they are being worked on. Once notification has been given that the work is complete, they will have to be collected within a month. The studio will not be able to store garments until the event date.
  9. Uncollected items will be disposed within 1 year, but all effort will be made to get in touch to arrange collection.
  10. Leaving your garment at the studio for work to be done automatically gives your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.