Something Designed Just For You

Having something designed specially for you is one of the best parts of the whole bridal experience. A bespoke service will consider your dress and outfit, your hair do, your style and preferences, to create something specially for you and unique to you. Blue Lily Magnolia specialises in bespoke bridal and grooms designs for alternative, personalised or handmade weddings, for those who want something different or unique, and those who want to take something old or traditional to incorporate in the wedding. 

From headpieces such as fascinators, tiaras, circlets, hair vines, headbands or hair pins, to wedding belts and sashes, corsages, grooms boutonnieres and bridal bouquets, every aspect of your wedding outfit can be customised! 

Typically, the bespoke process will start with an initial consultation to get some background information on your colour schemes, theme for the wedding, dress type, personality, and so on. If you have pictures of what you like, these will be taken on board too to get an overall understanding of your preferences. I will then do a few sketches for suggestions, and at our next meeting (or online), we will go through all these options, with sample materials and some trial features with photos if dealing with a remote order. You are welcome at this stage to be as involved or non-involved as you wish! And hopefully we then end up with an agreed design with agreed materials and decorative pieces to add. The rest is then left to me to make and complete. 

The timeline for completion (as is the quote) very much depends on the level of complexity of the design. For example, a lot of beading over a large area takes longer, whereas small designs with minimal beading tend to take less time. The minimum time required for a bespoke service is 4 weeks. To get talking about a design just for you, contact me or just fill in the form below. For those in the North West of England, I am very happy to arrange a face to face meeting to discuss (I am based in Nantwich, Cheshire), but if you are further afield and across the seas, discussions by email and other online channels supplemented with photos and sketches work very well. 

And to see some of the bespoke items I have made in the past, have a look at the Pinterest board below. 

Bespoke Consultation
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