Clothing Alterations for You

With over 20 years experience in the making and altering of clothes, including wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, evening dresses, and everyday clothing, a range of alteration services is available upon request. Whether it is simply shortening a dress or trousers, taking in at the seams because you have lost weight, or whether you need something more dramatic done to your item of clothing (e.g. a change of the style), I am more than happy to offer a free consultation and quote for you to consider.

Alterations are different from one clothing item to another because of the type of materials used, the number of layers that need to be modified during the work, and of course, the type of alteration required. However, I totally understand that most people would rather know roughly the price range before even getting in touch, so this is a little guideline:

For the shortening of hems, straight trousers or Jeans start at £8 and adult skirts or dresses start at £12 for unlined, straight single layers. 

For taking in seams and darts, depending on the position of the seams and darts, and whether additional finishing will be required, modifications start at £10 for unlined clothing. 

With more complex materials such as laces, sheer and silky fabrics, sequined and beaded layers, more time is usually required because these materials are more difficult to handle and may need extra hand stitching. If you simply want to know how much it would cost to alter your dress, just book a no-obligation appointment on 07766766573, or email me on [email protected] and I will gladly discuss your needs.  

In terms of timings, small alterations take 1-3 working days, while larger ones may take several weeks. This also depends on the time of the year as the run-up to and the wedding season itself tend to be quite busy periods. If you have an urgency, don't hesitate to ask, as it may be possible for me prioritise your request.